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2.0 HDI 16v 140 BHP 2005 – 2010 Delphi DCM3.4 EU4 Peugeot 308

174 BHP

Stage 1 Power

410 Nm

Stage 1 Torque

Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 Stage 1 Remap (174 BHP | 410 Nm)

Our remap for the Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 with the Delphi DCM3.4 injection system was developed in house and and is only available from HDI Tuning and our approved agents. The stage 1 remap will deliver 174 BHP and a healthy torque increase to 410Nm. We’ve developed this remap not only to give optimal performance, but also to remain within the limits of the stock hardware of your vehicle so you don’t need to worry about your clutch or your dual mass flywheel.

Most of the Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 vehicles come fitted with a DPF system, we’ve developed this remap to run in tandem with the DPF system, we keep AFR nice and clean like the factory calibrations, as such there’s no increased risk of the particle filter clogging when running our Stage 1 remap. We recommend that you keep the DPF fitted so that your vehicle remains road legal.

Most customers also see an economy gain during normal driving conditions after remapping their Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140. DPF Delete and We don’t offer a postal remap for this ECU, it’s easy to program over OBD but actually much more work on the bench, as such it makes more sense to keep the ECU fitted and program over OBD.


Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 Stage 2 Remap (190 BHP | 420 Nm)

The Stage 2 remap for the Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 engine requires an uprated intercooler and a complete free flowing exhaust system. You will also need a 3.1 Bar MAP sensor so that the ECU is able to run increased turbo pressure (part number 9649396580). Peak power comes out at 190 BHP with a torque figure of 400 to 420Nm – we can tailor this to your clutch.

We recommend fitting the black diamond Kevlartek Stage 2 clutch for this level of tune, available in our webshop. On some vehicles you might need to replace the DMF with a new part, or swap it for a solid flywheel. The torque figure is fairly reasonable so it should not cause DMF problems, a worn DMF should be replaced or converted to a solid flywheel.


Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 140 Stage 3 Remap (210 BHP | 420 Nm)

The stage 3 remap requires all of the stage 2 modifications and also a hybrid turbo.

The turbo charger should use an upgraded 52mm compressor wheel. This will allow the turbo to flow more air whilst remaining suitably matched to the original turbine wheel and can also be controlled by the ECU software more easily than a complete upgraded turbo. By using a 52mm compressor there will not be significant turbo lag. It’s also essential the fuel pump is in excellent condition, if it’s worn it will need to be refurbished.

For this level of torque, its best to use a Ceramic paddle clutch with a solid flywheel.


Which vehicles are covered?

The power figures quoted on this page are applicable to the following vehicle models if fitted with the Delphi DCM3.4 ECU, usually a 136, 138 or 140 BHP variant:

Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 136 BHP
Peugeot 308 2.0 HDI 138 BHP
Peugeot 508 2.0 HDI 140 BHP
Peugeot 807 2.0 HDI 136 BHP
Citroen C4 2.0 HDI 138 BHP
Citroen C5 2.0 HDI 138 BHP
Citroen C8 2.0 HDI 136 BHP

If your vehicle is not listed directly but you have the Delphi DCM3.4 ECU fitted you can assume these figures can also be achieved on your vehicle.

Programming Methods – OBD2

The Delphi DCM 3.4 ECU is fast and reliable to program directly over OBD, there is no need to remove the ECU.

Programming via OBD Delphi DCM3.4

  • Obtain a suitable programming tool; we recommend to use Dimsport MyGenius, you can also use Kess V2.
  • Install the tool to a reliable laptop.
  • Connect to the OBD port of your car, make sure you have backup chargers to the vehicle battery and the laptop battery.
  • ID the ECU and then take a read of the ECUs flash memory.
  • Email the software to along with a description of the remap you require.
  • Send payment through our webshop.
  • We will modify the software and send back to you. This normally takes less than 2 to 3 hours during work days.
  • Using the same tool, ID then write to the ECU. This will overwrite the ECUs flash memory, it’s important not to interrupt the process. If you encounter any problems we can fix the ECU for you so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • Let your engine warm up and then take the car for a spin, enjoy the extra power!

2.0 HDI 16v 140 BHP 2005 – 2010 Delphi DCM3.4 EU4 Peugeot 508