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Unlocked ECUs

We can supply unlocked ECUs which have the immobiliser feature removed making them plug and play units. The plug and play ECUs can come with a stage 1 remap if you are looking for a power increase, or standard power if you are simply looking to replace a faulty control unit. No coding is required and your odometer reading will not be affected.

Choose the appropriate ECU type below using the drop down menus, you can type the last 4 digits of the hardware number to speed up the search process.

It’s important to match up the all of the codes on the ECU. First you need to remove your ECU (we have guides for this available on youtube). On the ECU will be a label which details the hardware and software version, and also the brand and model type. Take a look through the list below to check if we have a matching unit, if not, just email us a photo of the label.

Before purchasing please contact us to check that the ECU is still available! Need an ECU that isn’t in stock, or require an ECU unlock? Contact Steve on

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Online remap

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Postal remap

Post the engine ECU to us – fast turn around.

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Professional Tuning Files For Tuning Professionals.

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AdBlue Delete

Remove troublesome AdBlue software.

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Unlocked ECUs

Plug and play unlocked ECUs with remap.

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DPF delete

Complete DPF delete software solutions.

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EGR delete

Disable EGR and prevent soot build up.

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