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Pure ECO Tuning

As times are getting tougher and fuel prices are soaring, many people are minimising their car usage or switching to ECO driving. Diesel car ownership still offers a huge cost saving compared to a petrol car and you can drive costs down further with our pure ECO Tuning options.

Although all of our remaps offer economy gains during normal driving, some will find that they tend to drive faster and accelerate harder all the time, simply because it's so much fun. If that's you, then our ECO remap is exactly what you need.

For Pure ECO warriors we can now offer a remap that offers more low down torque, lower throttle response and the same top end power with only ECO driving in mind.

This style of remap isn’t going to suit everybody, most customers will be searching for more power and more economy and will control fuel usage through their driving style. The Pure ECO remap will help the driver to limit fuel usage and here’s how it works:

Increased bottom end torque

Drive in a higher gear and run at lower engine speeds, this will keep engine RPMS down whilst riding on the torque. This is the main fuel saver and you will quickly adapt to this new style of driving.

Reduced accelerator pedal response

A performance remap makes the car more fun to drive due to increased throttle response, in the ECO remap we aim to reduce throttle response so that the driver is less likely to waste fuel and use unnecessary power when accelerating. The slower the rate of acceleration, the less fuel is used.

Reduction in top end power (optional)

If you’re driving a top of the range model with more power than you need, you might want to limit top end power so that you aren’t encouraged to drive hard and rev the engine through. On lower power models this won’t be a good idea, but we can custom write the software to your demands.

Optimised fuel pressure maps

Through small increases in fuel pressure we can encourage better atomisation of the fuel resulting in a cleaner and more efficient burn.

Injection timing optimisation

Through small injection advances we can promote a cleaner burn which will increase power output of a set fuel quantity resulting in better fuel economy.

EGR Delete

The EGR system is an engines worst nightmare, by blanking the EGR and removing it from the software you can see good economy gains and also increased reliability.

DPF Delete

If you’re driving a vehicle with a blocked DPF you will be seriously down on fuel economy. You can either fit a new DPF, or remove the system completely and remove a huge restriction from the exhaust system. Please be aware this will make your car unfit for road use in most countries, please check local laws before going ahead with this.

Reduction in exhaust pressure by VNT adjustments

On some models and with a DPF delete we can open up the VNT during steady state driving, this gives less pressure in the exhaust manifold resulting in a greater volumetric efficiency.

Fully customised solution

Write to us by email and let us know how you want the software to be set up. Every remap is written in house by our lead engineer specifically for your needs.

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