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Dealer Network

We are looking to build a global team of tuning professionals to represent HDI Tuning not only around the UK but also around the world. If you're interested and you'd like more information, please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and where your company stands currently.

Here are some of the benefits to joining the HDI Tuning team:

Location listing on our website

As a HDI Tuning Dealer we will list your location on our website so that customers can choose to come to your workshop, we will push local customers towards making a booking with you rather than using our online or postal services.

No nasty contract

The main benefit to joining the HDI Tuning team is that you will not be made to sign up to any minimum monthly orders and you will not have to have your tuning equipment locked to HDI Tuning. This gives you the freedom to continue to work with other companies for manufacturer specific software.

You will get your own address so you can make bookings directly with customers.

Many tuning companies will only work with you if you use ‘slave’ tools which are encrypted to their company and cannot be used for other purposes, this is not so great when you want to branch out to work on other vehicles, this is why we don’t force you to do this. We want you to work with us by choice to use our good software, and not because you have no other choice.

Guaranteed good software

We only sell software we have personally developed and always do make the software manually with no automated programs making it for us. We do not buy in our files from anywhere else. We carry out several in depth checks before returning remapped software, and we do not make mistakes. A guarantee of tried and tested software is useful when dealing with vehicles with problems as there is no need to doubt the software and you can get down to fixing the mechanical problems.


To join the HDI Tuning team as a dealer you must meet some basic requirements to help keep up our high standards:

  • Professional master tuning tools must be used – clone tools should never be used. You will need both OBD and bench flashing capabilities as well as a basic knowledge of ECU repairs, this can be provided. A quick break down of tools will be included with your info package.
  • You must be a registered company, or registered self employed for tax purposes. You will be working as a subcontractor for HDI Tuning and as such will be responsible for your own taxes.
  • You should have a business unit or a garage.
  • You must have good mechanical knowledge and a few years experience with ECU flash programming. Soldering and electronics repair experience is a big plus. We can give advice and training on more complicated ECU types and ECU repairs and boot mode programming.
  • You must sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect our software and IP before we start working together.
  • Diagnostics tools – You can never have too many diagnostics tools, but as a bare minimum you’re going to want:
    • PP2000 and lexia – must be installed on windows XP. Gives excellent data logging for vehicles up to around 2015. Cracked PP2000 software is ok it works well and is stable and the prices for the full software are unreasonable.
    • Diagbox – Diagnostics for the latest PSA vehicles and can change ECU configurations on new models. Must be installed on a separate laptop to PP2000.
    • Ford Forscan or Ford IDS – Forscan is the easiest and cheapest method and the logs can be saved and sent directly to us for viewing. Ford IDS is an excellent tool and can program modules. If you ever break an Ecu you can restore on the ford server. For IDS get the J2534 Passthrough device then you can run the real Ford IDS direct from Fords servers with no cracks.
    • General Diag – We also get Volvos and the odd Mazda Fiat or Suzuki so a general do it all Diag tool will be useful.
    • BMW diagnostics – We don’t often take bookings for many BMWs, but INPA is simple and cheap and can take logs with the program testo.

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