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Restore Factory Settings

Are you planning to sell your car and you'd like to set everything back to standard? Then this service is what you need. For previous HDI Tuning remap customers we can completely restore your ECU to factory settings. We also offer a service to reset ECUs which were tuned by other companies please read below for full details.

Reset to Factory settings as a previous HDI Tuning Customer

Here we charge only for the programming time, the process is discounted if the ECU was originally remapped at HDI Tuning. We always keep a backup of your software so it’s easy for us to restore to the correct software variant. For this service the price is just £75.

Restore HDI or TDCI ECU when the ECU was not previously remapped by HDI Tuning

If you’re having problems with bad software, or you’d like to reinstate anti pollution systems we can also offer this service. For Ford TDCI and PSA HDI models we usually have original software backups available, in which case the price is £130 via our postal remapping service.

Restore other brands of ECU to factory settings

We are able to program and restore most ECU types as we have some rather advanced equipment and excellent technical know how. We can usually obtain original software, although this process may take us a little longer if it’s not already on our database. For this service please contact with more information so that we are able to quote on a per job basis.

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