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Affiliate Registration

We take immense pride in the recommendations we receive from satisfied customers of our HDI tuning service. To show our appreciation, we want to give something back to you, our loyal long-term clients!

Introducing our new affiliate program! You can earn a commission based on a percentage of the spending by anyone you refer. Plus, you’ll get a unique voucher code to offer a discount to the customers you refer.

Our program starts with a 4% commission, which can quickly add up, especially with larger orders. Additionally, you can offer your referrals a £20 discount on orders over £150. When they use your unique voucher code, the commission will automatically be credited to your account.

If you’re interested in joining the scheme then you can register on this page here.
Requirements to join scheme:

  1. The scheme is only available to existing customers, if you have your order number then send that over when you sign up.
  2. To join as an affiliate you must first leave a 5* review on google
  3. You must read the terms and conditions, by joining the scheme you agree to these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions page

Make sure this is correct, the account must be in GBP. If your account is not native GBP, then you can add GBP as a currency.

You must be an existing customer to enrol in the affiliate scheme.

The account used to leave the google review so we can check

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