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Dimsport MyGenius OBD Flashing Device

MyGenius is personal version of Dimsport’s New Genius professional OBD programming tool, tied to a single specific vehicle. It’s a device which gives vehicle owners full OBD programming capabilities, just like if you were to invest in professional tuning equipment. The benefit here is that you’ll have access to all the protocols of the full New Genius tool (retail price 4000) for a fraction of the cost (£230) as it’s allocated to just one vehicle.

MyGenius is a great bit of kit and capable of programming even the tuning protected ECUs over OBD, the best thing is that you can use a HDI Tuning remap from anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

  1. When you receive your MyGenius programming tool, the first step is to install the free dimpsort software and then update the device, this ensures it has the most up to date protocols.
  2. Connect a battery charger or battery stabiliser to your vehicle, we want to ensure voltage does not during programming, on some vehicles programming can take a long time. Make sure lights are off, Sub woofers, anything that draws lots of power.
  3. Next you can connect to the OBD port of your vehicle, power on the ignition until the dash lights and EML are on the display (but don’t start the engine).
  4. Next you can identify, and take a read of your original ECU software.
  5. Connect your MyGenius device to your computer and upload the original read (or ID) to HDI Tuning.
  6. Place an order through our webshop for the online remap service. If you want multiple versions please discuss and we can do a multi buy deal. For example, DPF, EGR, AdBlue delete.
  7. Download the remapped file to MyGenius.
  8. Connect battery support to vehicle.
  9. Connect MyGenius to OBD port and then follow instructions to program remap.

Here’s a video of how it works, it’s extremely easy to use: Dimsport MyGenius OBD Flashing device

Important things to know about your purchase of MyGenius

  1. MyGenius will automatically lock to the VIN of the first vehicle it is connected to.
  2. You can program this vehicle as many times as you like.
  3. To re-use the tool on another vehicle, you must re-program the original file to the vehicle. Through our client manager software we can then perform a ‘soft reset’ and you can use it on your next vehicle.
  4. If you take your car to the main dealer and they do an ECU update to different software, you wont be able to use the tool on the car again, in this case it’s better to reset the car to standard before taking it to a dealer if there is a risk of them doing an update (for example if it’s still under warranty).
  5. If the tool needs to be unlocked to a new vehicle, and you did not reflash to original first it must be sent to DimSport for a reset which costs 100 EURO plus shipping costs (cannot be done by HDI Tuning).
  6. This tool is supplied by HDI Tuning and cannot be used with other tuning companies.
  7. Once the tool has been connected to a vehicle and used it is not refundable.
  8. If the tool is not compatible with your vehicle and cannot be used it can of course be returned for a full refund.
  9. MyGenius is designed to be extremely safe and as such there is minimal risk of wiping the ECU, in the event of a programming failure that cannot be restored by the MyGenius tool the ECU will need to be sent to HDI Tuning for bench programming and recovery.
  10. For most Volvo applications you will need the double CAN volvo cable this costs 40 EUR extra.

Order here Dimsport MyGenius personal OBD programming tool

Compatibility list (vehicles highlighted in RED will use a virtual read from Dimsport’s servers):

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