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Black Diamond Performance Clutches

We are proud to be an official supplier for Black Diamond Performance. We use their clutches in all of our project cars and we are always very impressed at the build quality, torque handling and drive characteristics.

We have four levels of clutch available. Our personal favourite is the Stage 2 KevlarTek clutch due to the soft bite of the clutch, it's almost nicer to drive than the stock clutch. These clutches do take a while to bed in, so it's important to be gentle for the first 600 miles or more. If you do lots of gear changes the engaging and disengaging will bed the clutch in much faster.

Drop us an email immedietely after ordering with your Reg number, VIN, full vehicle make model power variant etc this will accelearte your order. We also need to know if you are using the original flywheel or if this has been swapped to a solid flywheel for example.

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