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Immobiliser unlocking

We now offer immobiliser unlocking as part of our postal remapping service for most ECUs. Generally these options are available for most PSA models.

What is immobiliser unlocking and why might I need it?

An immobiliser is the coded anti theft function that links the key, BSI and engine ECU together. You cannot start or use the car if the codes do not match.
Sometimes the immobiliser system can fail, meaning your car becomes completely useless.

We have the most up to date tools and software to enable us to remove this function from most ECUs allowing the vehicle to start on any key. Also a great solution if your BSI failed and you needed to fit a new unit.

We sell pre programmed unlocked remapped ECUs in our shop HERE.

We can also include an immobiliser unlock when you send your ECU for the postal remapping service, please choose the correct option from the drop down menus.

Don’t want an Unlock but want a replacement ECU?

If you’d like to replace a faulty ECU whilst keeping the immobiliser function active, have a look at our ECU cloning service HERE.

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