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Online Remap Service


Payment for the online remapping service. For more details see here

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Pay here for the online remap service. Please choose the correct ECU type from the drop down menu and then the remap that you require.
When payment has been sent you can email your original software read to

Additional information

ECU Model

Bosch EDC15, Bosch EDC16, Bosch EDC17C10, Bosch EDC17C60, Bosch EDC17C70, Siemens SID801, Siemens SID801A, Siemens SID802, Siemens SID803, Siemens SID803A, Siemens SID804, Siemens SID805, Siemens SID806, Siemens SID807, Siemens SID201, Siemens SID206, Siemens SID208, Delphi DCM3.4, Delphi DCM3.5

Remap Type

Stage 1 Remap, Stage 1 + Remap with EGR Delete, Stage 1 + Remap with DPF Delete, Stage 1 + Remap with DPF & EGR Delete, Stage 1 + Remap with DPF EGR AdBlue Delete, Stage 2 Remap, Stage 3 Remap, EGR Delete only, DPF Delete only, DPF and EGR Delete only, Adblue Delete only, DPF + Adblue Delete only, DPF + EGR + Adblue Delete only, 1.6 16v 90 GT15 Turbo and injectors upgrade, 1.6 16v GT15 Hybrid Turbo and injectors, 1.6 16v GTD12 Turbo and injectors upgrade, 1.6 16v GTD12 Hybrid Turbo 297 injectors 185 BHP, 1.6 8v GTD1244VZ Turbo upgrade, 2.0 HDI 136 Stage 2 remap 3.1 bar map sensor 195 BHP, 2.0 HDI 136 Stage 3 Hybrid turbo 52mm 220 BHP, 1.6 8v GTD12 Turbo 150 BHP, 1.6 BlueHDI 75 or 110 GTD12 150 BHP, 1.6 BlueHDI GTD12 Hybrid 185 BHP, 1.5 TDCI 75 95 GTD1244VZ 150 BHP, Immobiliser delete from EEPROM