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ECU Cloning

ECU Cloning is simply the process of transferring all contents of an ECU on to a replacement unit. This takes the immobiliser, performance software, and ALL configuration settings. The vehicle would have no way of knowing that the ECU has been replaced, it's a direct cloning method and no coding or complex installation is required.

When is ECU cloning a good idea?

ECU cloning is a great option if you’ve got a faulty ECU and you simply want to get the vehicle running again without faults. This saves hundreds compared to main dealer prices.

This is a great option for vehicles which don’t have an immobiliser unlocking solution, or if you want to keep the immobiliser system active to prevent theft.

Two options available:

We have two options available for ECU cloning.

-We provide the replacement unit – available for most PSA models.

-You must provide us with the replacement unit when sending the original ECU to us. This is reserved for more expensive or rarer ECU variants.

Always contact us first to see if we have the correct unit in stock.

Orders can be made using our postal remap checkout page under the drop down menus.

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