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Siemens SID801A Unlocked ECU


SKU: 8-SID801A-1


We can provide unlocked and remapped SID801A ECUs which won’t require any coding upon fitment. Simply fit and the engine will start. Great for cars with an immobiliser fault.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm
ECU Hardware Number

5WS40037D-T, 5WS40045B-T, 5WS40047C-T, 5WS40049C-T, 5WS40104-C-, 5WS40107D-T, 5WS40107E-T, 5WS40108E-T, 5WS40133C-T, 5WS40135C-T, 5WS40136C-T, 5WS40145C-T, 5WS40146C-T, 5WS40146F-T, 5WS40155A-T, 5WS40155C-T

Remap Settings

Unlocked ECU Standard Power, Stage 1 Remap 125 BHP, Stage 1 Remap 125 BHP EGR Delete, Stage 2 Remap 155 BHP, Stage 2 Remap 155 BHP EGR Delete