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Siemens SID803 SID803A


For several years, we have archived software backups of every Engine Control Unit (ECU) we have bench read, accumulating a vast collection of various versions and hardware variants of ECUs. If your specific part number is not visible on our list, feel free to send us an email, as our webshop might not be fully up-to-date.

Why choose our unlocked ECUs over others?

Our programming method involves bench service mode, preserving the original ECU seal. We avoid soldering on the ECU board, eliminating risks of damage or overheating.
We uniquely deactivate the immobiliser in Siemens SID803 and SID803A ECUs via EEPROM, ensuring a complete immo off solution.
Our remapped software is of superior quality compared to cheaper alternatives found on platforms like eBay, and we have rectified numerous inferior remaps from such sources.
We uniquely offer custom ECU configuration setups, developed using our bench rig, allowing for seamless integration of the ECU without additional coding for features like ESP, cruise control, and AC, ensuring no error lights upon engine startup – a service not provided by other budget companies.
We provide a two-year warranty and specialize in HDI engines, offering expert assistance and support whenever needed.

SKU: 9-SID803-01


We have the most advanced immobiliser delete solutions allowing us to make unlocked ECUs for the Siemens SID803 and SID803A variants. You can fit this to any vehicle (as long as the part number matches) without needing to code the immobiliser and it will start. On some models you will need to configure the ECU configuration settings for optional extras such as cruise control, ESP, AC etc however we now offer a bench coding service and it’s included in the price. Please contact with your exact specifications before placing an order.

When you order we need to know the following information:
-Vehicle model / variant and the gearbox Type – Auto 6 speed or 6 speed Manual long gearbox.
-Do you have the following options: Cruise control (with/without speed limiter control), ESP (there is a button to disable it if fitted with skidding tyre marks), Air conditioning, ABS (always present), gear box type etc.

Siemens SID803 variants available
Siemens SID803 5WS40167C-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40167F-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40167G-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40167H-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40168G-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40168H-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40168I-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40196G-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40198E-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40205D-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40212G-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40212H-T
Siemens SID803 5WS40227C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40258E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40258G-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40260D-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40261B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40261E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40264C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40264E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40264F-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40264H-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40276B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40276D-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40276E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40277G-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40277I-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40277J-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40281A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40285C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40285E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40313B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40313C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40318F-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40318H-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40319G-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40323C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40328B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40341G-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40377F-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40378C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40379A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40388C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40421D-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40421F-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40423B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40423C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40424B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40433A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40534D-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40552B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40557A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40562A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40578A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40595G-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40608E-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40610B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40612B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40613B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40615A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40615C-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40616A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40632A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40641A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40661A-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40690B-T
Siemens SID803A 5WS40691C-T

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 10 cm
ECU Hardware Number

5WS40167C-T, 5WS40167F-T, 5WS40167G-T, 5WS40167H-T, 5WS40168G-T, 5WS40168H-T, 5WS40168I-T, 5WS40196G-T, 5WS40198E-T, 5WS40205D-T, 5WS40212G-T, 5WS40212H-T, 5WS40227C-T, 5WS40258E-T, 5WS40258G-T, 5WS40260D-T, 5WS40261B-T, 5WS40261E-T, 5WS40264C-T, 5WS40264E-T, 5WS40264F-T, 5WS40264H-T, 5WS40276B-T, 5WS40276D-T, 5WS40276E-T, 5WS40277G-T, 5WS40277I-T, 5WS40277J-T, 5WS40281A-T, 5WS40285C-T, 5WS40285E-T, 5WS40313B-T, 5WS40313C-T, 5WS40318F-T, 5WS40318H-T, 5WS40319G-T, 5WS40323C-T, 5WS40328B-T, 5WS40341G-T, 5WS40377F-T, 5WS40378C-T, 5WS40379A-T, 5WS40388C-T, 5WS40421D-T, 5WS40421F-T, 5WS40423B-T, 5WS40423C-T, 5WS40424B-T, 5WS40433A-T, 5WS40534D-T, 5WS40552B-T, 5WS40557A-T, 5WS40562A-T, 5WS40578A-T, 5WS40595G-T, 5WS40608E-T, 5WS40610B-T, 5WS40612B-T, 5WS40613B-T, 5WS40615A-T, 5WS40615C-T, 5WS40616A-T, 5WS40632A-T, 5WS40641A-T, 5WS40661A-T, 5WS40690B-T, 5WS40691C-T

Vehicle Model

Peugeot 307, Peugeot 407, Citroen C5, Peugeot 406, Citroen Dispatch, Citroen C4, Peugeot Expert

Remap settings

Standard Power Unlocked ECU, Stage 1 Remap, Stage 1 Remap EGR Delete, Stage 1 + Remap EGR DPF Delete