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Transit 2.2 TDCI PUMA engine tuning for Campers and Motorhomes

When tuning your camper van there’s no doubt that the most important thing you think about is reliability rather than just a big power increase. That’s where HDI Tuning comes in!

With our Stage 1 Remap with give a modest but extremely safe power increase, we also keep all overheat protection maps active (unlike a lot of companies) and we deliver Torque in a way that is smooth and progressive and doesn’t make your plates fall out of the cupboards 😉

There are a few Variants of the Ford Puma 2.2 TDCI engine, they each have different ECUs depending on the model year and the EU emissions standard. For example, the earliest versions used the Visteon DCU 101 ECU and the later EU4 models used the Visteon DCU102 ECU. All power variants remap to the same output thanks to using all the same engine hardware.

The later EU 5 variant was fitted with a slightly more complex Siemens SID208 ECU. This ECU has some more tuning protection and also an RSA checksum to further complicated things. Thankfully this doesn’t pose too much of a problem for us at HDI tuning and we can program this one over OBD in a matter of minutes.

When we remap the Ford Transit 2.2 TDCI engine we like to take power up to 160 BHP and we give a nice strong torque figure of 350Nm. The main difference you’ll notice when driving i na remapped campervan is taht you can safely finish over taking manoeuvres even when you’re going up hill on the highways. This was mainly what prompted us to develop these remaps to start with. Sometimes with a fully loaded van it could get a little dangerous trying to pass a truck especially when the road turned in to a hill.

With the Stage 1 remap you can hold it in 6th gear and overtake without needing to constantly change down to 5th or even 4th. Whilst the torque increase is modest, it’s perfectly safe for the transmission and clutch.

If you’re interested in Tuning your campervan just get in touch to arrange a booking. We have several agents around the country, we also have a mobile service around the Plymouth area. If you’re outside of the UK we have several other options such as a postal remapping service based in the Netherlands, a mobile service from around the Arnhem region or the easiest way is to upload a remap yourself using our MyGenius OBD programming tool.

2.2 TDCI Euro 5 125 BHP 2012 – 2016 Siemens SID208 – HDI Tuning Limited ( Transit 2.2 TDCI PUMA engine tuning for Campers and Motorhomes

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