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Siemens SID807 and SID807EVO software tuning

The 1.6 eHDI 8v 115 BHP Engine was fitted to vehicles from 2010 to 2015 and conforms to the Euro 5 emissions standards. Most vehicles come with a Stop Start system, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR). The ECU is a rather complicated Siemens SID807 which has both processor memory (Infineon TC1796 processor) and also an external flash. There’s an updated variant which uses the Siemens SID807EVO ECU and this has all the performance maps stored in the processor memory and uses an Infineon TC1797 processor.

The turbo used for this engine is the Garrett GTC1244VZ which is a very capable turbo offering great spool up characteristics, great top end boost and most importantly it’s a very reliable turbo!

At HDI tuning we’ve been working hard to come up with new upgrades for this engine and also ways to make it easier to program. You can now program the Siemens SID807 ECU from home using our MyGenius OBD programming tool. It’s very simple to use and also very reliable. This covers models such as the Peugeot 508 1.6 eHDI 115, and the Peugeot 308 1.6 eHDI 115.

Our Stage 1 remap will take your 1.6 ehdi to 145 BHP and a whopping 340Nm of torque. Our stage 1 remap provides constant smooth torque through the entire rev range whilst remaining well within the safe limits of your clutch and turbo charger. The DPF system will not be affected by this remap as we keep the AFR levels similar to stock settings.

The HDI Tuning Stage 1 + remap is designed for those who want that little bit extra and also want to run with an upgraded performance exhaust system. Peak power with this remap is 150 BHP and peak torque comes out at 350Nm making a big difference to the way your car drives. This remap can be applied to both the SID807 ECU and also the SID807EVO ECU, both work in effectively the same manner, only the software is written slightly differently.

Our DPF delete solution has been tested extensively to ensure no future DPF faults will occur and to ensure that the turbo charger stays safe and reliable. It’s important to remove the DPF software in the correct way to account for the change in exhaust pressure and control the VNT of the turbo correctly.

The Stage 2 remap is designed for those who are happy to add a few upgrades to get more power. The HDI Tuning SID807 Stage 2 remap requires an upgraded front mount intercooler to be fitted, a performance downpipe and a performance exhaust. Peak power with this remap is 160 BHP and peak torque comes out at 360Nm making a big difference to the way your car drives.

There’s now an option to go for a Stage 3 remap using a hybridised GTC12 turbo fitted with a 49mm compressor wheel. On top of the stage 2 modifications, this one will also require a 3.5 Bar MAP sensor to be calibrated in to the ECU so that we can run higher levels of boost without hitting the limit of the original sensor.

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