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Lets talk Tuning protection – Part 5

There are many forms of reverse tuning protection, but the one I hate the most is the reverse NM to injection quantity monitoring map. Why do I hate these so much? Well there’s a good reason. To start off with there isn’t just one of these maps, there can be more than 30 of them, and all of them are referencing a different torque conversion map.

These maps need to be adjusted so that the ECU can correctly monitor the fuel quantity injected against the torque request. Here the Z axis works as a % of maximum torque. Now just imagine how complicated this is to calculate for every point for all of these maps.

From what I’ve seen these maps are mainly implemented on Peugeot, Citroen and Ford ECUs, the VW tuners got lucky because they don’t have anything as complicated as this to deal with! That’s why when you’re tuning a HDI engine you need to bring it to a HDI specialist. For some reason the PSA and Ford Diesel engines have more layers of tuning protection when you compare them to a BMW or a VAG ECU for example.

I’m going to stop here at post 5 of tuning protection. I could probably continue with another 5 levels of tuning protection, however this information I’d prefer to keep to myself, it’s what gives HDI Tuning an advantage over other tuning companies. 

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