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Lets talk Tuning Protection – Part 2

Within the software structure of the ECU, anti-tuning protection is called the Torque monitoring package. It’s a complex, multifaceted structure within the ECU that does reverse calculations to check the requests and outputs of other maps see if they are viable. These structures do increase the integrity of the software, however I’m sure that the torque monitoring packages are implemented purely to try to prevent tuners from altering things within the ECU.

Lets talk about these one by one so we can explain what they are and why they are in there.

Injection volume function monitoring: Here we have a map with injector opening time and rail pressure on the X and Y axes, whilst the Z axis is the maximum injection volume. This map will put the vehicle in to limp mode if a requested fuel quantity higher than the maximum limit is set. Fortunately, this map doesn’t cause us any problems on a simple stage 1 map, and when pushing further we have the option to adjust the values, or to simply switch it off. Both ways give the same result.

Part 3 – Lets talk tuning protection

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