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Fiat Ducato 2.2 Multijet campervan and motorhome tuning

When Tuning a big heavy and often overloaded Motorhome we take a slightly different approach to tuning normal cars. We like to keep torque delivery smooth and progressive rather than in once big kick. This helps when driving a house on wheels, it’s no use having everything shoot out the cupboards each time you go on to the power!

We also tune the peak power to less than what is possible, the reason for this is to keep the van at maximal reliability, especially for those 40C days in the south of Europe when you’re driving all day up big hills and through mountain ranges, this is where reliability is so important. We feel that the HDI Tuning remap is completely different to what is offered by other companies as we focus so heavily on reliability whilst we also deliver a good bump up in power and torque.

The Fiat Ducato 2.2 Multijet engine comes in a few different versions, each with specific ECUs based on the model year and the EU emissions standards. Earlier models might use one type of ECU, while later models, compliant with EU4 regulations, use another. Regardless of these differences, our remaps achieve the same enhanced output, thanks to identical engine hardware across the board.

For the newer EU5 versions equipped with a more intricate Siemens SID208 ECU, which introduces additional tuning protections and an RSA checksum, there’s no need to fret. At HDI Tuning, handling this complexity is all in a day’s work, allowing us to perform the remap via OBD in just minutes.

We increase power to 160 BHP along with a robust torque increase to 350Nm. You’ll particularly notice the difference when overtaking on highways, even on uphill gradients, making it safer and more responsive.

With the Stage 1 remap, there’s no constant gear shifting required for overtaking; you can stay in 6th gear comfortably. While the torque boost is modest, it’s designed to be transmission and clutch-friendly. Most of our customers also notice a small improvement in fuel economy, we get this by allowing you to hold a higher gear and at lower RPMS instead of shifting down and holding the revs all the time.

Interested in tuning your camper van? Contact us to book an appointment. We have several agents nationwide, offer a mobile service in the Plymouth area, and for those outside the UK, we provide a postal remapping service from the Netherlands, a mobile service in the Arnhem area, or the simplest option – using our MyGenius OBD programming tool for self-remapping.

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