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2.0 TDCI 16V 180 BHP 2015 – 2020 Delphi DCM6.1 EU6

205 BHP

Stage 1 Power

440 Nm

Stage 1 Torque

Stage 1 (205 BHP | 440 Nm)

Our 2.0 TDCI 180 software for the Delphi DCM6.1 control unit was developed in house using advanced tuning techniques and delivers optimal power and performance whilst keeping within the design of OEM programming standards. What does this mean for you? This keeps the car driving perfectly like it would with factory developed calibrations for a more powerful engine, and offers maximal reliability and makes the car great to drive.

The Stage 1 remap will deliver 205BHP and a nice torque increase to 440Nm. We’ve also tested and developed this remap with the automatic gearbox and we can confirm it’s safe to run and will not have any adverse effects on the auto box.

This ECU type can be programmed easily over OBD using Kess V2 and most other programming tools.


Programming Methods – OBD2

The Delphi DCM 6.1 ECU is reliable to program directly over OBD using most tools, there is no need to remove the ECU. Dimsport MyGenius is able to do this over OBD.

Recommended programming method:

Program over OBD using the Dimsport MyGenius standalone tool


The Dimsport MyGenius tool is the safest, easiest and most reliable way to program your ECU from home. Simply connect to the OBD port and let the tool do the work, no need to remove your ECU or bench program for most ECU types. For more information have a read here

Programming via OBD Delphi DCM6.1

  • Obtain a suitable programming tool, we recommend Combiloader, Bitbox, or any tool such as Kess V2 Kess V3
  • Install the tool to a reliable laptop.
  • Connect to the OBD port of your car, make sure you have backup chargers to the vehicle battery and the laptop battery.
  • ID the ECU and then take a read of the ECUs flash memory.
  • Email the software to along with a description of the remap you require.
  • Send payment through our webshop.
  • We will modify the software and send back to you. This normally takes less than 2 to 3 hours during work days.
  • Using the same tool, ID then write to the ECU. This will overwrite the ECUs flash memory, it’s important not to interrupt the process.
  • Let your engine warm up and then take the car for a spin, enjoy the extra power!