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2.2 HDI Euro 5 100 BHP 2010 – 2016 Siemens SID208

160 BHP

Stage 1 Power

350 Nm

Stage 1 Torque

Stage 1 (160 BHP | 350 Nm)

We can remap the Euro 5 2.2 HDI engines fitted with the Siemens SID208 control unitfrom 2011 until 2016. This covers all power levels, as the engine hardware remains the same, only the ECU software changes.

Our stage 1 remap will take you to 160 BHP and 350Nm. When tuning a work van or a motor home, reliability is key, so although it’s possible to go for much more power on this engine we like to keep the power rather modest at just 160BHP.

We’ve designed the torque curve to be smooth and driveable to protect your cargo and also the gearbox.

The ECU used on the 2.2 Euro 5 engine is a Siemens SID208 with tuning protection. This is a difficult ECU to connect to as it is password protected and requires several boot pins to be connected inside of the ECU. We have the latest bench programming equipment which can decrypt the password and make a full backup of your original software and program the remapped software to the ECU.

(If you’re looking to program this yourself with our online service then we suggest to use equipment such as PCM Flash, or KTM Bench).


Programming Methods – Bench programming

Programming via PCM Flash

There are not many tools which will connect to the PSA Siemens SID208 ECU. We have found that a genuine PCM Flash tool will program this ECU using module 53. KTM Bench should do the same job, but it’s important to have a suitable power supply. You can also use Autotuner over OBD without removing the ECU.

  • Order a suitable tool such as PCM flash.
  • Install the tool to a reliable laptop.
  • The ECU must be removed from the vehicle, and then the tabs on the lid can be carefully pried open and the casing of the ECU removed.
  • Using a pogo spring probe connect to the boot pin and CNF pins, power the ECU to the ECU connector plugs and also connect Can HI/Lo.
  • Take a read of the password (usually you need to remove the boot pins for this operation).
  • Point the PCM Flash software to the location of the saved password file, select the PSA SID208 drivers, and then ID the ECU and then take a read of the ECUs memories for a backup.
  • We will modify the software and send back to you. This normally takes less than 2 to 3 hours during working days.
  • Email the 4MB internal Flash software to along with a description of the remap you require.
  • Send payment through our webshop.
  • We will modify the software and send back to you. This normally takes less than 2 to 3 hours during work days.
  • Using the same tool, ID then write to the ECU. This will overwrite the ECUs memory, it’s important not to interrupt the process. If you encounter any problems we can fix the ECU for you so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about (You can always repair an ECU if you take a full BDM backup of all memories).
  • Straighten the tabs on the ECU and then seal with a little silicone. Crimp the tabs down with a pair of wide pliers.
  • Refit the ECU and start the engine.
  • Let your engine warm up and then take the car for a spin, enjoy the extra power!