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2.0 TDCI EU5 160 BHP 2010–2015 Delphi DCM3.5 Ford S Max

190 BHP

Stage 1 Power

420 Nm

Stage 1 Torque

The Ford S Max with its impressive design, comes equipped with a solid 160 BHP from the factory. The potential of its 2.0 TDCI engine can be fully harnessed with a stage 1 remap, enhancing your drive from standard to stellar! This remap is completely engine-safe and doesn’t require any extra parts to be fitted.

We also offer more advanced stage 2 and stage 3 upgrades.

Stage 1 Remap Ford S Max 2.0 TDCI 160 (190 BHP | 420 Nm)

Elevating the Ford S Max 160 to a potent 190 BHP, our Stage 1 ECU remap enriches the driving experience, making overtaking safer and more enjoyable. The remap brings the torque up to a thrilling 420 Nm, ensuring a powerful ride. It’s essential to have your clutch and transmission in excellent condition to handle this increase in torque. We also cater to those seeking a less powerful remap, tailoring our software to your individual needs.
After the remap, you’ll enjoy a smooth and consistent flow of power across the rev range, feeling like you’re behind the wheel of a newer, more potent version. Increased torque at lower gears can also lead to fuel savings.

For the DIY enthusiast, we offer a self-programming option using the Dimsport MyGenius tool, available in our webshop. Alternatively, our various locations are at your service for professional remapping.


Stage 2 with performance exhaust (210 BHP | 440 Nm)

The Stage 2 remap is designed to run with an intercooler upgrade, and a free-flowing straight through style exhaust system. This remap delivers some extra top end power for those looking for that little bit extra. The exhaust work is important for this higher power remap, you likely won’t achieve the full power of this stage 2 remap without the additional exhaust work. It’s an option to increase the exhaust bore from the DPF onwards or to use a sports DPF and this will keep the vehicle road legal. With 440Nm of torque and 210+ BHP you’re going to notice a big performance gain when running this remap.

Programming Methods – OBD2

The Delphi DCM 3.5 ECU is fast and reliable to program directly over OBD, there is no need to remove the ECU.

Programming via OBD Delphi DCM3.5

  • Obtain a suitable programming tool; we recommend to use Dimsport MyGenius, you can also use Kess V2.
  • Install the tool to a reliable laptop.
  • Connect to the OBD port of your car, make sure you have backup chargers to the vehicle battery and the laptop battery.
  • ID the ECU and then take a read of the ECUs flash memory.
  • Email the software to along with a description of the remap you require.
  • Send payment through our webshop.
  • We will modify the software and send back to you. This normally takes less than 2 to 3 hours during work days.
  • Using the same tool, ID then write to the ECU. This will overwrite the ECUs flash memory, it’s important not to interrupt the process. If you encounter any problems we can fix the ECU for you so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.
  • Let your engine warm up and then take the car for a spin, enjoy the extra power!