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1.5 BlueHDI 100 BHP DV5RD Bosch MD1CS003 EU6.2 Peugeot Traveller

130 BHP

Stage 1 Power

300 Nm

Stage 1 Torque

The Peugeot Traveller 1.5 BlueHDI 100 is fitted with the newest Bosch MD1CS003 control system. Such a complicated ECU demands a proficient tuner to manage the torque model adjustments and it also requires bench programming using up to date programming tools. Many of the genuine tuning tools on the market can manage this using bench service mode, eliminating the need to directly access the ECU board. If you have a compatible programming tool, you can always use our online remap service.

This 1.5 Blue HDI is packed with complex emissions systems including EGR, SCR/AdBlue and a DPF system. When you employ a HDI Tuning remap, you can keep all these systems. The Stage 1 remap we provide guarantees a clean run, thus limiting any increased risk of any particle filter issues.

Peugeot Traveller 1.5 BlueHDI 100 Stage 1 Remap (130 BHP | 300 Nm)

We’ve dedicated hours to refining and perfecting the remap for the Peugeot Traveller 1.5 DV5RD BlueHDI Engine. By adopting our Stage 1 remap, your power tops off safely at 130 BHP and torque maximizes at a lively 300Nm, with a torque output that’s as consistent as ever.
The remap’s torque has been adjusted in line with the standard settings of the 130 BHP variant, ensuring your Peugeot Traveller 1.5 BlueHDI 100 performs at its peak, combining both power and reliability.

The Peugeot Traveller 1.5 BlueHDI 100 is powered by an MHI TD02L11 wastegate-regulated turbocharger, known for its early spool up traits and lasting performance. This turbo’s efficiency has been demonstrated on the 1.6 eHDI and 1.6 BlueHDI versions, and it’s been slightly adjusted for compatibility with the 1.5 HDI Engine. We modestly uplift the turbo pressure, but always within the established safety margins of the TD02 turbo.

When behind the wheel of your Peugeot Traveller 1.5 BlueHDI, the enriched throttle feedback, amplified early-stage torque, and a torque delivery that feels robust even at higher RPMs will stand out. This fine-tuning surely makes your Peugeot Traveller more thrilling to navigate, and we bet it’ll elevate your driving pleasure.


Programming Methods – bench programming

The Bosch MD1 ECU can be programmed using Bitbox and a Scanmatik 2 device.

Programming via Bench service mode over CAN with Bitbox

This is our preferred way to program. The ECU must be removed, but there is no need to open the ECU and risk damage. A full backup can be made of both the EEPROM and the internal flash memories.

  • Order a Scanmatik 2 Pro J2534 programming device and a Bitbox dongle with the MD1 license.
  • Remove ECU from the vehicle.
  • Connect specified wires to ECU plug connector.
  • ID the ECU.
  • Read the ECU memories.
  • Email software to HDI Tuning.
  • Wait for us to prepare your remap and return it back to you.
  • Program the remap to the ECU using the same method taken to read the ECU.
  • Refit the ECU, check engine starts.
  • Let your engine warm up and then take the car for a spin, enjoy the extra power!