Garrett GTD1244VZ turbo charger

The GTD1244VZ turbo is a very popular upgrade on the 1.6 16V HDI Engine. The turbo comes as standard with a 44mm compressor wheel and fourth generation VNT technology. This gives excellent early turbo spool and great top end power. We recommend this turbo for the best all round driveability. If you would like to tune further towards 185 BHP we can build you a custom spec 49mm hybrid turbo available only from HDI Tuning. For build guides and instructions please see below.

Garrett GTD1244VZ

GTD1244VZ 150+

49mm Hybrid 185+

Peugeot Citroen Ford

1.6 16V, 1.6 8V HDI TDCI

EDC16C34 & EDC17C10

The get maximum performance from your 1.6 HDI or TDCI engine, the turbo will require a specialist remap which will be custom written from HDI Tuning Ltd. We were the first company to use this turbo as an upgrade on both the 16V and 8V engines and as such we can offer the best remapped software. See below for fitment guides for the 16V and 8V engine variants.

1.6 16V GTD12 Hyrbid turbo upgrade - 185 BHP

PSA 1.6HDI 8V 75 90 100 BHP models, Ford 1.6/1.5 TDCI 8V 90 - GTD1244VZ turbo upgrade guide to 150 BHP

It's a good idea to contact us before placing your order so that we can discuss your project and the figures you're aiming to reach

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