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In shop tuning service

The best way to get your car tuned is to bring the car to our garage in Bristol. Once you arrive we'll run a live diagnostics test and road test the car to ensure everything is working correctly before we begin our tuning work. After preparing your remap and programming it to your vehicle we'll then complete another road test whilst recording live engine data from the ECU to ensure everything is working properly.

If you're located in the UK, the in shop service is your best option as it gives us the opportunity to check your car over and make sure it's working to its full extent. It's very common for us to find un-noticed problems with the air flow meter, boost leaks, throttle pedal, EGR etc etc,which you just wouldn't find yourself without an extensive knowledge of the HDI engine.

To book your car in for a remap, call us on 07727 908 308.

DPF Removal in Bristol

We offer a complete DPF software removal and remapping service at our Bristol garage. Check your individual car page to see what's available for your model. We also have DPF delete pipes in stock for the 1.6 HDI. Please note: We will not remove your DPF this must be done before bringing the car to our workshop, we only do the DPF delete software which is not suitable for road use in the UK.


It's important to look after your vehicle if you're planning to remap it and request more power from the engine. If you've not gotten around to servicing the car just get in touch for a quote. Typical prices are very low and start from just £75 for oil, oil filter and air filter.

Mechanical Repairs

Due to the amount of Peugeot/Citroen HDI vehicles we see it's easy for us to detect and fix problems with your vehicle. Before carrying out any tuning work we always give the car a check over to make sure there are no fundamental problems. If there are small jobs that need to be done we will advise you on the best way to fix them in the most cost effective manner.

We also take on various small mechanical jobs so get in touch if you need a quote.

OBD Diagnostics

We currently have Peugeot Planet, Lexia (for Citroen's), Ford VCM and Delphi (all other models) diagnostics equipment. If you're just after a quick diagnostics session and some live testing to figure out what your fault code is we only charge £30. Due to our vast experience with the HDI engine we can often detect problems even if there isn't a fault code by analyzing the live parameters. For example, it's common for the MAF (Mass Air Flow-meter) to deteriorate and give false readings, this results in severe power loss but doesn't always give a fault code. When we test the car under load we can check to see if the sensors/actuators are performing as they should.