If you don't want to carry out the programming work yourself, and it's too far to drive to our workshop, you can send us your ECU in the post so that we can program the remapped software on to it. This option is available for Bosch EDC15-EDC16-EDC17, Siemens Sid801-SID802-SID803-SID804-SID805-SID806-SID807, Delphi DCM3.5

Important: Please read the instructions here in full and contact us to check availability before sending your ECU

To use this service all you need to do is:

1. Remove the ECU from your vehicle:

- Make sure key is removed from ignition, wait for all systems to shut down and all buzzing noises to stop.

- Unclip ECU plugs and remove ECU from vehicle. Remove the backing tray as this increases postage costs at both ends and adds unnecessary bulk to the parcel.

2. Package and Post the ECU to the HDI Tuning:

- Take a photograph of the label of your ECU, although it's very unlikely that it will get lost in the mail, a photo will help us to replace quickly with the correct unit.

- Package the ECU in a little bubble wrap and protect it with a small cardboard box or a Jiffy bag. Don't overdo the packaging because it won't fit in to our parcel box, try to keep it reasonable.

- In the parcel, be sure to include a detailed note to let us know which remap you're after and any other options such as DPF or EGR removal.

- Important: Include a return address label ready to be attached to your parcel, also include a note with your name and the remap you require.

3. Send the correct payment using our webshop

4. Drop us an email to let us know when to expect your parcel, then sit back and relax:

- If you send using DPD we will be given an exact delivery slot which helps to speed things up. As soon as we receive your ECU, we will remap it, and send it back to you using first class recorded delivery. It is important that a note is included with all details of the remap required and the return address as on some days we can get multiple ECUs delivered, it can be hard to track down the owner of an ECU if we don't have a note included with the parcel.

Please always get in touch before sending your ECU to make sure we are available to carry out the work on remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk for customers in Europe it will be faster to send the ECU to the Netherlands.

Where To Send Your ECU: Always email us before posting to check availability

UK Address: Vinny Ware, 9 Saint Andrews Road, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 6DL, United Kingdom - vinny@hdi-tuning.co.uk

Netherlands Address: Steven Lewis, Stadswaardenlaan 87, Arnhem, Gelderland, 6833 LN, Netherlands. - remap@hdi-tuning.co.uk

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