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The best way to get in touch with us is via email. This will give you the fastest response as we reply to all emails as soon as we are available.

We can be emailed on

If you have a general question, be sure to read through the website before contacting us, we've spent a lot of time making sure all the information is available on here.

Having trouble getting through to us? We will never intentionally ignore your emails, even if we can't do the job we will reply to let you know. If you can't get through, wait a few days and try again. Try emailing directly to the email address on this page or from another address if you don't get through to us. You can also message via Facebook messenger. Please be patient, we are extremely busy.

Diagnostics and advice

If you're contacting us for diagnostics advice or help on fixing faults with your vehicle, please make sure that you have connected to some diagnostics equipment and have a list of the fault code numbers before emailing us, we are not able to give blind diagnostics advice or speculative advice, as this can often lead to inaccurate advice.

Talk by phone

We are currently very busy, and this means we don't have the time to talk to every customer by phone. Have you ever tried programming complex remapped software whilst talking on the phone? It's impossible! We know that most customers want in depth techincal advice, so a call with a receptionist wouldn't be that helpful, instead you want to talk direct to our software engineers. That's not a problem, but please contact by email with clear and concise questions and then we can get back to you faster when we are available.

Where do I send my ECU data?

Please email your ECU data file to or if you are sending your ECU by post then follow the instructions here.

How to pay

Please use the menu system to navigate to the payment page, most options are already included on this page, however if you have a custom setup with different pricing, email us and we can send you a unique online card payment link.

Our Services

Online service

Program your ECU from home and with our online service.

Postal service

Remove your ECU and send it to us via post.

Unlocked ECUs

Defeat immobliser issues with an unlocked ECU.

DPF delete

Remove the DPF software and faults from the ECU.

EGR delete

Remove a troublesome EGR and protect your engine.


Order products and pay for the online remapping service.


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