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AdBlue Delete

AdBlue is an Ammonia based chemical (Urea mixed with distilled water) which is injected in to the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst.

The SCR cat is combined with the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The objective of this system is to reduce harmful exhaust emissions, mainly oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). AdBlue systems can be very troublesome as they are very complex.

When an AdBlue tank is empty the control system of the vehicle will give a limited amount of miles/kilometres until the system must be refilled, after this period the engine will not start unless taken to the main dealer to reset the system, this can be very expensive.

AdBlue delete can be used for diagnostic purposes in situations when the SCR system may be preventing the engine from starting. AdBlue delete is great for getting a car running after allowing the adblue count down to reach Zero and then it can be taken to a garage for repair. AdBlue delete removes all aspects of the system: Urea injector, tank level sensor, Temperature sensors, AdBlue main ECU and all anti start features associated with the system.

In most countries including in the UK removing the AdBlue/SCR System will make your vehicle illegal for road use. We are not allowed to offer AdBlue delete for our UK customers. If you are outside of the UK please check local laws and regulations.

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