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We can now offer plug and play remapped ECUs. The plug and play ECU comes with a remap included (Stage 1 or Stage 2 remap). It really is as simple as disconnecting your battery, removing the existing ECU and plugging in the new one. The ECU has the immobiliser removed so it will run in any vehicle, also great if you're having problems with your immobiliser. You can switch back to your original ECU at any point.

It's important that you match up the numbers on the ECU, the important number to match is the Bosch Hardware number, as an example 0281010592. You also need to match the software variant which is the big number, e.g. 69 that you can see on the sticker. If you've got the Siemens ECU you just need to match the Hardware number e.g. 5WS40030B-T.

Listed below are the items we currently have in stock from our ebay page, if you can't see what you're after just get in touch and we should be able to get one made for you. ECUs will be posted first class recorded within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Need an ECU that isn't in stock, or require an ECU unlock? Contact Vinny on