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How to re-program your ECU from home

To use the online remap service you need to get a read of your ECU, and then send the data over to us via email.

Send the standard ECU data file to and we will make you a custom remap from your original ECU software. Make sure you send payment over at the same time, we won't send the remap back until this has been received.

When the high quality remap file has been made, it will be emailed back to you and you can then upload it using the same tool which you used to read the data. The typical turn around time is less than 24 hours for this file only service. On some occasions we may take slightly longer if we are at a very busy period.

What tool do I need to read/write my ECU?

There are a few different types of ECUs fitted to the HDI engines, we'll help you find which model you have based on the engine and the power level. To be certain, take a look at the vehicle specific page for your car, or check under the bonnet and find the ECU.

Engine Power (BHP) ECU fitted Best tool to use Programming method Note:
2.0 HDI 90 Bosch EDC15C2 MPPS OBD diagnostics port Most variants until 2005
2.0 HDI 110 Bosch EDC15C2 MPPS OBD diagnostics port Most variants until 2005
2.0 HDI 90 Siemens SID801/SID801A FG tech Galletto 2 OBD diagnostics port Until late 2005
2.0 HDI 136 Siemens SID803/SID803A BDM100 Direct to ECU Some variants use Delphi which is not covered.
1.4 HDI 68 Bosch EDC16 BDM100 Direct to ECU Some models may use Siemens systems which are not covered.
1.6 HDI 90 Bosch EDC16 BDM100 Direct to ECU Up until 2010
1.6 HDI 110 Bosch EDC16 BDM100 Direct to ECU Up until 2010


All of our guides and instructions are available on our downloads page.


Bosch EDC15C2 injection system

We can offer a complete online remapping service for any vehicle fitted with the 2.0 or 2.2 HDI engine if it is fitted with the Bosch EDC15C2 control system. - For this you need an MPPS tool.

The process is simple, first you connect to your vehicle through the diagnostic port, you then send us the original ECU data along with payment for the service you require. Once we have received this from you, we then proceed to make you a custom remap and we will email it back to you as soon as it is ready.

Using the same equipment you can then program your vehicles ECU and your vehicle is then remapped.

You can check here to see if the service is available for your vehicle.

Bosch EDC16 injection system

We can also offer an online remapping service for the 1.4 and 1.6 HDI engines produced until the end of 2009. These engines are paired with a Bosch EDC16 ECU. For this you will need a BDM100 programming tool.

The reason we advise to use a BDM100 tool is because it creates a backup of not only the flash memory (maps and engine software), but also a backup of the immobiliser, the ECU configuration, and the injector codes.

We've produced an in depth video guide to using the BDM100 tool, and instructions are also available.

Once you have a read and backup of your ECU, send it all over and we'll make your remap. Payment can be made online through PayPal.