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HDI Tuning Ltd specialise in advanced ECU software programming solutions for the Peugeot and Citroen HDI engines. All remapped software is developed and written in-house through years of intelligent research and development.

The files we produce have been tested extensively with the safety of your turbo and engine at mind. We maximise the power output of your engine whilst reducing fuel consumption and remaining within the safe limits of your engine. At HDI tuning we will not be beaten on our price, quality or customer service. We are proud to offer the best remapping service for the HDI engine, and this can be seen through our many happy customers.

What makes HDI Tuning Ltd different to other tuning companies?

HDI Tuning Ltd is a small company specialising only in HDI engines. All remaps are the result of months or even years of research, testing and development upon the engine they are applied to. This ensures the best possible performance and driveability from our remaps.

There are many companies which offer remaps for hundreds of different cars with generic power change figures. Unfortunately these companies buy in their generic remapped software from large european file distributors, with little or no understanding of the changes made to your ECU software.

HDI Tuning Ltd on the other hand has a different attitude towards business. The sole purpose of the company is to provide quality remaps at reasonable prices. The company survives by providing a great service which ensures our customers recommend us to others. HDI Tuning will always be on hand to offer support and advice and have a great knowledge of the HDI engines.

Latest News:

May 2017 Remaps now available for 1.6 90 BHP ehdi engine with EDC17 trcore ECU.

Jan 2017 1.6 HDI DPF delete pipes now available

September 2016 Remaps are now available for the 1.4 HDI/TDCI engine fitted with Siemens SID802/804

May 2016 Dutch version of website is now online:

Mar 2016 Remaps are now available for the 2.8 HDI/JTD engines to 160 BHP

Aug 2015 We are now offering an online service for both the 1.4 and 1.6 HDI engines fitted with the Bosch EDC16 ECU.

Jul 2015 Remaps are now available for the Siemens SID803 ECU fitted to the 2.0 136 HDI engine.

June 2015 We have now finished developing the stage two remap for the Siemens SID801 ECU.

Feb 2015 We can now offer unlocked plug and play ECUs which come with any remap of your choice. Prices start at £160 for the earlier models and range to just £200 for later 3 plug CAN BUS models. Currently available for Bosch 2.0 and 2.2 HDIs. Get in touch for more information.

Jan 2015 Peugeot 206 1.6 GTI HDI Project car with GT2052V turbo dyno'ed at 210BHP!

Nov 2014 Remaps now developed for the Siemens SID801 system fitted to the 2.0 90 engine.